Italy Trip! January 2017

I decided to start 2017 in the best way as it is possible! So I went to Italy to visit one of the best dog photographers in the world – and the best dog in action photographer – Claudio Piccoli! We’ve spend 6 amazing days in awesome locations in Italian Alps with his amazing border collies – Leep and Triss. I’ve taken many hundreds of photos so stay tuned for them! But beside of photos we had such a big fun together and this is what I mean photography is! Not only the photos – but spending time together and having fun,laughing, eating delicious food – besides taking photos! :) This is the dream photographer work and life!
Check out those backstage photos, which exists thanks to best Claudio Piccoli:

AlicjaZmyslowska-3952s.jpgMe and Leep and Triss on our last day together!

AlicjaZmyslowska-4795.jpgLittle sneak peek from my camera!

IMG_7322.jpgPhotographing Mont Blanc!

IMG_7278.jpgFirst mountain trip with Leep!

ecudAnd first ready picture! Leep with Mont Blanc and Alps in the background :)


Stay tuned for the photos – and also – we are planning something very special together with Claudio Piccoli!! And.. PS – thank you Claudio for everything!! :)



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