One year with CIRI!

Today, 27th January of 2017 is the first anniversay of Ciri coming into my life and home….She is truly a dog from my dreams… I couldn’t imagine better one. This year together was very special, as she is.

Below, photos from this amazing and special day.


Ciri’s name – Cirilla – is taken from The Witcher’s series – game and books.
And like you can see – I had a reason to name her like that! :)


And now – timeline created with photos – First photos Ive taken were from our first meeting, when she was 2,5 weeks old. This was the day, when I’ve felt in love with her. She wasn’t planned – I just came to take pictures of amazing puppies. But It was a magical feeling inside me and I knew she must be mine! Second meeting – 6 weeks old, and then – 8 weeks old to take her home. From then – its has been already an year together.




And some memories made with phone….<3



3 thoughts on “One year with CIRI!

  1. She is truly special and as someone who played the game, I can say that her name suits her perfectly :)
    You are amazing photographer that understand dogs. You capture her personality and beauty so good, I feel like I know her through your photography.


  2. Ciri is a gorgeous girl. Those expressive blue eyes! I can relate. I have a blue Merle Sheltie named Skylar Blue. Like your dog, she is very photogenic! I hope to take pictures with you someday, if you ever make it to the USA or Canada!


  3. Zupełnym przypadkiem odkryłam Twoje zdjęcia na BoredPanda, i zobaczyłam Ciri w otoczeniu lawendy… Przepadłam, to chyba jeden z najpiękniejszych psich portretów, jakie miałam okazję zobaczyć. Dziękuję Ci za to.


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