About Me

I am 23 years old dog lover and photographer from Poland. I am also owner of two beautiful and amazing dogs – Kiara – golden retriever & Ciri – border collie. I am photographing dogs for almost 12 years now.

The most important thing, at what I am doing, is the opportunity to link two of my beloved passions – dogs and photography. Apart from communing with the wonderful creatures, which dogs are, and spending my leisure in this way, I love the fact – that I can put them in my own, self-created world. The crucial thing is, that I do not want to depict the reality – but I mean to disconnect from it. I want to show something, which nobody else can normally see. Mainly, I am inspired by the dogs being photographed. Each dog is a unique one, unrepeatable, and this is what I try to catch. The venues, where the sessions take place, are also important. I always endeavour to select something extraordinary, astonishing – needless to say a magical atmosphere. When the conditions are appropriate, the ideas for shots come themselves.

One of the most vital concerns, both for the animal and for me, is a good liaison with a “furry model”, its freedom during the session, the joy of its behaviour. There is no place for coercion or nerviness. The good relationship with a dog, while at shots, transfers into how the dog presents itself, which afterwards is crucial for producing a desirable effect. I have never felt to be fully satisfied from what I am creating. It can always be done in a better way.

The constant eagerness for self-improvement, the ability of self-criticism, and the determination to aim at the set target, are very important to me.

9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Dziękuję Alicjo za chwile wzruszenia i uśmiechu przy oglądaniu Twoich fotografii. Są przepiękne. Z duszą…łapiesz nimi za serce ❤
    czekam na kolejne ❤ pozdrawiam serdecznie z Katowic razem z moim pudliszonkiem Toffi 😊


  2. Hi!

    Those photos you’ve taken are gorgeous! Would you mind if I made a picture from one of your photos to my wall? Of course there would read your name in it.

    Senni Aaltonen


  3. Swietne prace, masz talent dziewczyno. Sam fotografuje od lat i wiem cos o tym. Zakosilem ci ten Oxygen Theme – chyba nie wezniesz mi to za zle. Moja kochana Bokserka Aime tez zasluguje na fajna strone. Pozdrowienia z http://www.czyrnek.de


  4. You have a wonderful gift. You have captured the emotions of these lovely dogs. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the photos. Have you published any of them? They would make a beautiful book! I have always loved dogs; my dogs are my family.


  5. Witam, Twoje zdjęcia są jak z innego, lepszego świata… Każde jest niemal idealne, jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem. Widać, że spędzasz z psami i aparatem większość czasu, widać prawdziwą, nie kończącą się pasję. Zdjęcia są niesssamowite! Powodzenia i dalszych sukcesów!


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