We provide Dog Photography Workshops – Theory&Practice&Post-Processing Group (7-10 people) or Individual (one or maximum 2 participants).

Our workshops are held in Polish or English language, we can organise a Workshop – Group or Individual all around the world.

We always choose beautiful, unusual locations and a wide variety of amazing dog models, so we can create many different portraits and action shots.

Artistic Dog Photography Workshop is a unique opportunity to get to know the secrets of my workflow and work under my supervision. The workshops include a theoretical lecture, which is associated not only with the shooting of dogs,  practical part with shooting outdoors and post processing  in Adobe Lightrooom. Group Workshops are suitable for everyone that would like to know more about dog photography.  It fits to all different styles.

At the workshop, the participants learn how to:

♥ Prepare for a photoshoot, and how to plan it
♥ Work with a dog model and his owner/handler
♥ Putting the session was pleasant and SAFE for both parties
♥ Compose a frame from a dog in the main role
♥ Operate in different conditions – light or different locations and with different models
♥ Find a suitable place to shoot dogs of all sizes
♥ Select the photo equipment to get the expected effect
♥ To make a good image in action – running, dog sports
♥ Make an impressive portrait
♥ Avoid common mistakes when working with the dog, shooting and processing photos – and its subsequent publication
♥ Choose the best shots of the session – effective selection of photos, cataloging
♥ Improve picture in post processing, hide mistakes – post-processing images from A to Z

Send us an e-mail – – If you are interested in Group or Individual Dog Photography Workshop in your country or even your city!

Plan of the individual workshop is adjusted to the participant – amateur, half-professional-professional, so also the price depends on what you want to learn! Prices begin from 200€.  

Dog Photography Workshops planned for 2018:

Our workshops had already taken part in cities in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, France and Norway. 

Backstage and effects of my workshops in gallery below:

Check out opinions from our clients:

First Dog Photography Workshops with Alicja Zmysłowska in Slovakia – Kosice 12-13.09.2015

Opinion from one of participants:                                                                                                    “I have to say that the Workshop in Kosice was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it! From scouting for locations to interaction with your dog model and retouching – Alicja had it all covered. There is so much one can learn from her, I would have loved for the Workshop to last longer.  Alicja was very helpful at all times – giving us feedback everytime she got a chance, lending us her gear to try it out and answering every question we asked. The workshop definitely exceeded my expectations! Thank you Alicja for being such an inspiration! It was a weekend to remember! ” 
First Dog Photography Workshops with Alicja Zmysłowska in Austria – Vienna 25-26.07.2015

Opinion from one of participants:
“When I heard about the First Dog Photography Workshops with Alicja Zmyslowska in Austria I was very excited and immediately knew I needed to participate, as I have seen a lot of Alicjas work around and always loved her photos. This workshop was the first I ever visited, and I was very anxious about what to expect. The two days were packed with information and a lot of fun, and more than met my expectations! It was very interesting to learn how Alicja chooses her locations, and how she handles the dog and owner before finally trying to get the perfect shot. On the second day, we learned a lot about retouching the pictures, and it really changed the way I see my own pictures. I can highly recommend visiting a workshop with Alicja to everyone without hesitation!”  ~Jenni Freytag

First Dog Photography Workshops with Alicja Zmysłowska in Norway – Bergen 18-19.07.2015

Opinion from one of participants:
“Alicja is an exceptional photographer making unique photos. I have admired her photos for a long time. Therefore, it was great to be able to follow her workshop in Bergen this year. We had two nice days. The first day we had a photo session in the beautiful surroundings of the Hansa museum. The following day, Alicja taught us how she works with the photos in Lightroom.
During these two days I´ve got a lot more experience shooting many different dogs, and I specially appreciated what I learned about retouching photos in Lightroom. It was great to learn how Alicja works, and I got a lot of inspiration to work further with my photos.
Thank you, Alicja, for a great workshop!” ~Laila Bruun